Otter LB100

The  Low Bow 100 (LB100) has been expertly crafted to enhance 3D skills which are essential in today’s modern game. The thinned head profile allows you to get under the ball easily, and the thickened backhand blade has been designed to give you maximum hitting power on the reverse.

This stick has the maximum legal bend according to the FIH. Allowing you to use 3D skills with minimum effort for maximum effectiveness. 

Made with the infamous Premium Japanese Toray Carbon, the stick retains its soft touch whilst maximising your hitting and slapping power, even with a 100% carbon composition. We use military-grade resins to combine the carbon together. These epoxy compounds (resins) are also used in the aerospace industry. 

To ensure a quality product, the way we place the materials on top of each other before heating and pressurising it is key. We place each individual fibre at angles and positions within the mould to maximise the performance of the LB100. 

This year, our Ultra High Control Area (UHCA) is not just a basic sandpaper head. We have specifically engineered it to trap a layer of air underneath it. This allows for a more cushioned first touch, on top of a gripper receipt of the ball.  


  • Premium Japanese carbon
  • 100% carbon
  • 25 mm bend
  • 200 mm bend point
  • Balance point ± 400 mm
  • Ultra-High Control Area
  • 520 grams