Lekker Valk 19/20

The Valk stick has the combination of maximum blade setting with the special groove blade profile. The lower shaft has a moulded scoop to locate the ball and guide it through the flicking action for greater control and accuracy. Will aid any aspiring drag flicker.

The handle with an anti-shock foam layer gives an excellent sensation when hitting and stopping.  This option is in 90% carbon / 10% Kevlar. 

Colour:  Black / White 

Sizes:  36.5" 37.5" 

Weights:  L or M 

Head shape:  Maxi 45º 

Head Face:  Rough Surface 

Bow Height:  24.75mm 

Materials:  90% Carbon 10% Kevlar  |  70% Carbon 10% Kevlar

Grip:  Anti-shock foam