Bespoke Face Masks (Individual)

NEW!! We are now able to offer individual Bespoke Face Masks. You choose the colour, logo and name on your very own mask.

With everything that has happened during the Covid-19 Pandemic, England Hockey now highly recommend that players have their own face mask and do not share the clubs masks.

Due to the nature of the product, a face mask could easily spread germs and bacteria from one human to the next. Therefore it is now very important that you own a mask

We are convinced it won't be long before Face Masks become a compulsory part of every penalty corner. Meaning all 4 defenders (if not at least the two post guards) must wear this protection. 

Inner foam protection with a transparent hardened plastic face.

After order we will contact you for design details. We will require the colour code you want on the mask, your club name and a good quality image of your club emblem.

The delivery period for bespoke masks ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. So please order early to avoid disappointment.