Beikou Low 90

Modern Low Bow 

For 2017 we went back to the drawing board with a completely new layup, after months of testing and tweaking the results speak for themselves. Our premium Low Bow stick, perfect for 3D skills and slap hitting with a unique smooth feel and maximum power output, attacker or defender this stick has something for you.

  • Composition: 90% Carbon / 5% Aramid / 5% Fibreglass, finished with twill carbon fabric finish. 
  • Completely reworked layup (order and orientation of composites), delivering supreme feedback with an abundance of hitting power.
  • Low Bow: 24mm curve at 200mm is ideal for 3D skills, drag flicking and reverse hits, with the smooth bow perfect for slap and deception passes
  • Foam grip underlay helps to reduce unwanted vibrations.
  • High Balance point providing a lighter pick up, allowing for faster hand speed and dribbling.
  • Distinctive gradient logo with deep matt finish.