Beikou Low 70

Modern low bow

For our 2017 70% carbon Low Bow stick, we have a redesigned layup offering a softer feel with plenty of hitting power. Combined with new graphics and our Low shape ideal for the modern game. 

  • Composition: 70% Carbon / 10% Aramid / 20% Fibreglass, finished with carbon twill fabric
  • Low Bow: 24mm curve at 200mm is ideal for 3D skills, drag flicking and reverse hits, with the smooth bow perfect for slap and deception passes
  • Completely reworked layup (order and orientation of composites)and lower carbon content providing a soft feel a with plenty of power
  • High Balance point providing a lighter pick up, allowing for faster hand speed and dribbling
  • Foam grip underlay and energy reduction end cap reduce unwanted vibrations
  • Distinctive gradient logo with deep matt finish.