Balling Hockey Mega Bundle

Who doesn't love a bundle and this offer is too good to miss out on! Exclusively available until 2nd January at Exclusive Hockey. 

All this awesome gear from Balling Hockey for only £200 including free delivery!

Stick, Stick Bag, Glove & Shin Pads.


Stick Choices - The very best top of the range sticks from Balling Hockey. 97% Carbon Fibre, and used by some of the best international players in the world

Barium 100 Blue - Pro bow (for full details click here)

Barium 100 Green - Extra Low Bow, with drag flicking groove (for full details click here)

Barium 100 Red - Extra Low Bow (for full details click here)


Bag Choices - Two fantastic type of bags for you to choose between.

With this offer you able to choose between the awesome Balling Hockey backpack or the Balling Hockey medium sized stick bags. Both bags are fantastic quality, click on either product for more details.


Glove & Shin Pads - Balling Hockey carbon shin pads and gloves have been the most popular gloves and shin pads sold at Exclusive Hockey. Find details on either here

Balling Carbon Glove

Balling Green Carbon Shin Pads