Roku Review from @bossfhockey

by Ashleigh Corbett on July 19, 2017

We recently sent a few sticks to Instagramer & stick review bossfhockey. Here's his reviews of the Roku X-Bow, Roku L-Bow & Roku Scoop.

Roku Hockey

I was sent 3 Roku sticks by Exclusive Hockey to try out and write a review. I was sent a X-Bow (low bow), a L-Bow (mid-low bow) and a Scoop (mid-low bow with a groove). This is a generalised review but I will call out anything I think is especially relevant

I started the testing feel on the ball. I found the ball wasn’t bouncing off, I could feel the ball on the end of the stick when moving it round. With this feel on the ball there was some negative feedback from misfits, but the stick felt quite alive in my hands when on the ball. The stick isn't super stiff but has a nice balanced feel.

Flicking with the X-Bow was really nice, the low bow profile obviously is designed specifically for getting under the ball and elevating it into the up areas of the goal at pace. But the Scoop was also very good for flicking as long as you can get the ball into the groove on the shaft you can generate some real power on to your flicks and ping the ball into the top corners.

These sticks all hit well, the sweet spot was not gigantic but was big enough. The power output was pretty good as well across the full range hitting techniques. The Groove didn't really have any effect on slapping (any more than any other groove can if you connect wrong). The full low bow was great for getting under the ball and rattling it off the underside of the bar.

Fairly good reverse edge,I found it very easy to get direction on the reverse hits and I found across all 3 sticks I could generate quite alot of power. the edge was of a medium size not super square but also not too thin so getting the ball to lift was a really easy. It was a little bit thinner on the groove with made it easier to get under the ball which made controlled lifts more difficult.

Obviously the X-Bow was the stand out of these three sticks the extra low bow.It was really easy to pick the ball up and get it to roll along the bow and fling it to the corners. Much like with flicking if you can get the ball into the groove then the scoop then it is also really easy to ping the ball of the end of the stick like a rocket. The L-Bow is the most challenging to dragflick with but with a little practice it was easy enough to get the ball where you wanted it to go but I don’t think i was able to generate the same power as with the scoop or the X-bow. Aerials were very similar in that the X-Bow made throwing a 30 yard over head super easy, if you made proper use of the scoop then it made it relatively easy to get under the ball and drop it 30 yards down the pitch to the end of a player’s stick. The L-Bow required a little more practice than the other two sticks to get the consistency and distance.

I think these would make good upper intermediate level sticks. They are on the softer side of the high carbon sticks. So they offer increased stiffness over 70% stick but are more forgiving then the top level high carbon sticks. 





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