Hockey Face Masks - No Sharing - The New Normal

by Ashleigh Corbett on September 23, 2020

Hockey Face Masks are an important part of every defenders kits and a lot of clubs were already providing a set of 2-4 pieces per team to use. However since the Covid-19 pandemic, World Hockey are now recommending that players have their own masks, or clubs provide enough masks to each player that might need them during a game. After the game these masks must be sanitised before being used again the following weekend.

The Hockey Paper recently wrote an interesting article about this including an interview with Dr Bibhu Kalyan Nayak, the FIH’s medical officer. You can read the article here

At Exclusive Hockey we are able to offer standard face masks as well as bespoke designed face masks. 

Standard Face Masks - We currently offer a face mask in 2 different colours (Pink & Black) and in 2 sizes (Senior & Junior). Our face masks are made from a hardened transparent plastic fitted to padded foam with elasticated straps to fit around the back of the head. The masks are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, whilst at the same time offering great protection to any strikes that may hit the face.

These masks are also provided with an extremely handy blank area for the player to input contact details such as telephone number, name and the club they play for. Meaning that the mask will be returned to the user if forgotten.

Our standard masks are available to purchase individually at a price of £30 each, or as a pack of 4 for £120.

Bespoke Face Masks - One of our most popular products has been our bespoke club designed face masks. Here we can design the face mask in your colour, with your club name and your club logo. We've made some really good looking masks for clubs and we have not received one single complaint. With the new Covid-19 guidelines in place, a number of clubs have purchased in bulk and then sold on their own club shops, here's an example from Lindum Hockey Club

Personalisation - We are now also offering clubs the opportunity to personalise individual masks with a players name, initial, squad number at no extra cost. This has been very popular and it also re-enforces the need to not share masks and removes any danger of accidentally using a mask that someone else has worn.

Below are a few examples of masks that we have recently produced for clubs across the country.

Prices for bespoke masks are as follows:-

2-10 masks £30 each

10+  masks £25

If you're interested in this service please get in touch today by emailing us on

Individual Bespoke Masks

As well as our club masks we can offer individuals the chance to have their very own bespoke mask. After order we contact the customer to ask for design details. These masks have been very popular and are priced at £40 each. CLICK HERE to order. No other company are offering people the chance to design their very own mask to use for their games. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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