Color D-90 Review

by Ashleigh Corbett on September 05, 2017

Color D-90 Review by BossFHockey 


The feel on the ball with this stick was fantastic. You could feel the ball moving about on the end of the stick as you dragged from left to right or lifted the ball over a flat stick, this feel on the ball gives you alot of confidence when using close skills in a 1 on 1 situation. The head shape means it easy to perform tight spins and sharpe turns. 



Hitting is probably where this stick falls a little short. The stick has a good sized sweet spot and with a clean hit you can generate a very good level of power. Because of the bow it is very easy to lift the ball when hitting,this is excellent when shooting at goal as you can easily put the ball into a top corner, but also makes it very easy to get under the ball when playing passes to team mates. 

Slap hitting was also very nice with this stick. You can easily put a good level of power onto the ball sending it to straight to where you are aiming. If you can get the ball to roll down the grooved shaft of the stick you can get a little extra oomph onto your passes and also add alot of disguise to the pass. But if you connect with the wrong part of the stick, specifically the groove in the shaft then it is very very easy to lift the ball accidentally. 



This stick really shines for flicking. The low bow and grooved shaft allows you to really whip through the ball and fling the ball into the corners. If you can get the ball into the groove the extra oomph is really noticeable. You can easily launch the ball into the roof of the net, if you don't concentrate you can also fire the ball height or wide with the added power, but once you have it reigned in you can easily fire the ball into the corners. 

Using the stick I was also able to lift over a stick to a team mate with ease. Controlling the ball's pace was something that you need to be aware of as it's easy to put a little too much on the ball. 



The reverse edge of this stick is not the thickest, but when you connect properly with a good technique you can really ping the ball into the goal. You can easily control the ball height when hitting a tomahawk shot, with a minor rotation of of the wrist you can put the ball completely flat to the ground or raise the ball into the netting. With bad technique it is very easy to lift the ball accidentally so getting the right technique is vital. 



It is one of the sticks strongest areas. As mentioned already this stick has a low bow and a groove in the shaft, which combined makes it really easy to put alot of power into dragflicking and pick where you want to put the ball. If you get the ball to roll right from the groove to the head you get a satisfying sound and the ball shoots away towards the goal at amazing speed. It's also really easy to keep the ball flat and smooth to the deck for deflections on penalty corners but also easy to launch the ball into the roof of the net. 

Aerialling the ball with this stick is simple with the low bow. You can get under the ball and chuck the it 25 yards to a team mates stick. If you can get the ball into the groove the additional power will help you put the ball further down field with what feels like the same amount of effort. 



If close skills and flicking are the main elements of your game then this is definitely a stick worth looking into, it is great value and really nice to use


I would always recommend trying a stick your self if possible before buying so get in touch with exclusive hockey to see when and where you can give this stick at go. 


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