Beikou Drag 90 Review by BossFHockey

by Ashleigh Corbett on August 31, 2017

Beikou Drag 90



The drag 90 stick that I had had a really high balance point, coupled with super light head, it made the stick beautiful to dribble with, small lifts, v-drags and spins all felt effortless. I was weaving with the ball one the end of my stick and throwing mid air v-drags round my little dribbling course for fun. And I do mean fun the fell on the ball was superb and it made dribbling round and doing tricks a real laugh. The stick is quite stiff which is my personal preference I like the responsive feedback you get through the stick (and as I have mentioned in other reviews the stick to give me a bit of a kicking when I mess up). 



the head the is nice and thin meaning it's really easy to get under the ball, which made it really to put height onto passes or shots. It was great for just firing the ball at the goal from the penalty spot, (may have tried the Blake Govers' 3 posts with 1 ball challenge, was pretty close, just couldn't get the ball back to me off the crossbar). Getting under the ball for small lifts was also super easy, even at pace, dinking the ball over a stick or cones was easy (may have pulled out "the ramp" trick on one of my teammates in a friendly game which just shows how easy to lift and control the ball is with this stick). 



When I was hitting I found it really easy to get power across all types of hits from clip hits to slap hits to "desperately trying to knock the spots off the ball so it will knock the keeper into the goal of they get in the way" (my go to hit in a game). It was easy to control the lift on the ball so obviously because I was shooting into an empty goal everything was put into the roof of the net. It was also easy to keep the ball dead flat the ground (with proper technique this is a low bow) it felt like it was on a slight flick of the wrist to hit flat or into the roof of the net (Even BossFHockey senior agreed it was easy to control the lift and he still believes that 25mm mid bow is a bit bendy). 



The reverse edge is a bit on the on the thin side meaning it is really easy to get under the ball, but if your hitting a reverse tomahawk staying low you get so much power. I found it easy to pick out both side nettings of the goal but found it hard to say it will be this height and hit it, I don't know if this is down to my knee not holding steady enough to hit through smoothly for a controlled reverse or if I'm just getting worse at reverse stick (its probably both) but I was able to control when it would lift and when I wanted it to stay flat with ease. I nailed a few off the underside of the crossbar while people were looking which is the most important bit. I only had a few attempts at firing long passes on reverse (a skill I very rarely brave in games as I have been playing defensive midfield/sweeper for about 4 seasons and its not a risk I want to take around my own 25) but they were all flat and went straight to the other players stick, once had a little back spin on which they said was nice as the ball almost controlled itself, Im not sure how this was worked into the design of the stick but its an very nice feature. I actually found the graphics helped me as I found the reverse sweet spot to be around the gap between E and I on Beikou which gave me a good visual representation to aim for when hitting the ball.  



The groove on this stick is a little bit shallower then on other drag flicking sticks that I have tested in the past, but it is deep enough to get some real whip on the ball when you "get into the groove". Its really easy (with proper technique) to get the ball to roll into the groove and direct the ball where ever you want, I had some issue at keeping the ball flat at full pace but this is down to a slight knee injury and I couldn't stay low enough long enough to keep it flat at full speed (disclaimer incase I post any video later with my review). I also found it easy to perform a long drag, as if to go round the first runner, really easy keeping the ball around the groove before firing the ball towards the goal.

Aerialing with this stick was also very nice. Getting under the ball with the thin head was easy and if you can roll the ball up to the groove then you can effortlessly chuck the ball 30 yards, I really got hold of one and put it over the fence, over the fence to the next pitch and it hit the far end of the next pitch wall on a single bounce (and scared the footballers on there who were luckily all at the end closest to me and could just watch it over). But it was easy to lift the balls straight to a player 20 yards away straight to their stick.     


This is a great drag flicking specialist stick, with excellent all round usability in other areas of play. I would usually not recommend using a specialist stick like this is you are not going to be using it for what its made for, which is throwing long overheads and firing drag flicks from top D goal wards on PC at some point. That said if you want a stick with great feel and a thin head for using 3D skills then this would be a great stick for you too. It is a dream to dribble with with the light head and the stiff feel and still packs a punch when you are smashing the ball towards goal. With the groove being shallower then other specialist sticks I have reviewed 




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