January 11, 2016

2016 is going to be a huge year for our sport with it being an Olympic year, but to start us off is the highly anticipated Indian  Hockey league, with a new scoring system which has raised a few eye brows.

18th January 2016 sees the start of the 1 month elite competition, this year with some slight regulation changes:

(source fih.com)

1) Field Goals will be given more priority than Penalty Corners, with two goals awarded for every Field Goal to encourage more skilful and tactical hockey.

2) To curb rough tackles and maintain discipline among players, two goals will awarded to every Penalty-Stroke goal scored (other than from Penalty Strokes resulting from a Penalty Corner). Two Goals will also be awarded for every goal scored from a Penalty Stroke resulting from a Penalty Corner where a goal is prevented from being scored by a deliberate foul.

So, field goals will now be 2, great for the score line but devastating for defenders, are the organisers trying to manufacture goals, is this going to put off defensive players... only time will tell. Whats your thoughts.

Prior to the tournament the annual player auction took place in September 2015 and the most expensive buys were dominated by the Germans:

IHL Foreign top 3 buy for 2016

Moritz Fuerste (USD 105,000; Kalinga Lancers),

Florian Fuchs (USD 96,000; Dabang Mumbai),

Tobias Hauke (USD 96,000; Uttar Pradesh Wizards)

The most expensive indian player 2016:

Akashdeep Singh (USD 84,000; Uttar Pradesh Wizards)


Looks like the Wizards will be strong this year as they have also snapped up the prolific Jamie Dwyer for USD 57,000.

Let us know your thoughts of the rule changes and who your money is on. Live streaming of the competition can be found at StarSports.



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