Panthera Tribe Agent

October 08, 2015

Want a FREE STICK…? Well here’s your chance.


By purchasing from Panthera Hockey GB you are instantly placed in the #PantheraTribe, this is a community we are building for like minded hockey players who can share, chat and discuss all things hockey. 


You also become a #PantheraTribe Agent for 1 year which is a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on a free stick.


To start all you need to do is recommend a friend which leads to a stick purchase, on completion you will receive a 10% discount on your next 1 stick purchase…….. doesn't sound like much does it!! Well this 10% is cumulative which means if another recommended friend makes a stick purchase, on completion of this you will receive another 10%, so a total 20% off your next 1 stick purchase. 


Still not enough…. You want the free stick right?!


Easy continue recommending your friends and if they lead to sales your cumulative discount for your next 1 stick purchase keeps growing for one year.


Ultimately 10 recommended friends who all complete sticks purchases from us and thats 1 FREE STICK of your choice on its way to you, free delivery too.


Welcome to the #PantheraTribe


***Upon purchase your friend must place your name in the special instructions box at the checkout, or inform us by email**** 

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