Who are Panthera Hockey GB

September 21, 2015

Panthera Hockey GB is the UK and European arm of Panthera Hockey, operated by the ARC Sports group.

Panthera Hockey was established in 2013 in Lincoln, United Kingdom. Working with hockey players all around the world and testing multiple manufacturing techniques, resulted in the first Panthera Hockey stick being born. The ‘Breakthrough’ which utilises new innovative composites and the very best in stick manufacturing techniques.

The 'Breakthrough' was launched in South East Asia, where its potential was quickly realised. As word spread, the Panthera 'Breakthrough' broke on to the Interrelation Stage in 2015 at the Hockey World League in Belgium. To supplement the 'Breakthrough', 3 more models have been created to suit all abilities in the modern game. To suit player preference further, these models can be bought in 3 bows:

  • The Valiant - 24mm Extreme Bow
  • The Brave - 22mm Low Bow
  • The Gutsy - 22mm Centre Bow

The success in SE Asia led to the creation of Panthera Hockey GB to make the entire range available to the United Kingdom and Europe. Launching Christmas 2015, samples are currently making their way around the country, and pre-launch sales have begun. We will also be attending a number of festivals and hockey events throughout the season, so come and see us, experience the range and have a knock around.

Here at Panthera Hockey GB we are great believers in providing support for aspiring youngsters in their quest for International representation and are endorsing a number of players for the 2015/2016 season. A Panthera Agent scheme is also being established to support high level performers and influential players.

If you are interested in joining the #pantheratribe please get in touch.

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